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  • Huawei Product Greeting in 2016 Huawei Product Greeting in 2016 MORE>>
  • China to allow two children for all couples BEIJING, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- China will allow all couples to have two children, abandoning its decades-long one-child policy, the Communist Party of China (CPC) announced after a key meeting on Thursday. MORE>>
  • Is it suitable to build a mold factory in Vietnam? Is it suitable to build a mold factory in Vietnam? With increasing pressure to reduce costs, some of China’s factories are transferring part of their production to Vietnam. This also means that some investors in the production industry are considering investing in Vietnamese factories. My friends and I are considering building a new mold factory, so we set out to investigate the cost to set a mold factory in Vietnam. We went there a few days ago in order to explore the manufacturing status of in more detail. We wanted to specifically inquire about rent, labor, shipping and intangible costs. MORE>>
  • Congratulation to Huaweiproduct new factory setup for 1 year Huaweiproduct, your reliable partner in New product design ,mold design, mold producing.! Quickly delivery ,High precision service in the field of 3D design, CNC machining, vacuum casting, SAL,3D printing, plastic injection molding, ect MORE>>
  • China's 13th five-year plan covers home stretch to prosperit country's course for the next five years, targeting medium-high economic growth, highlighting innovation and abandoning the decades-long one-child policy, after a key meeting on Thursday. MORE>>