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  • China's 13th five-year plan covers home stretch to prosperit country's course for the next five years, targeting medium-high economic growth, highlighting innovation and abandoning the decades-long one-child policy, after a key meeting on Thursday. MORE>>
  • Which prototype is the best for a new products There are several ways of prototype making, for the new friends who engaged in the development of new products, Sometimes they doubt that which is the proper process that should be used. I would like to share the following points according to my years of experience. MORE>>
  • The Change of exchange rate of the Yuan against the US Dolla From now on, the Yuan will be more volatile and one-way appreciation will be over. Its exchange rate is in response to the market demands ,I think it is a benefit both to Chinese exporters and overseas importers.” MORE>>
  • The Future of Chinese’s Manufacturing During the last 10 years, every year a large number of factories in China have been closed down due to the rise up in price of land/labor/energy along with the upvaluation of the RMB, has brought unprecedented pressure to the manufacturing industry. Which approach the manufacturing industry should take ? Chinese government vigorously promote industry upgrading and transformation but it was not easy for most factories which used to work with OEM . MORE>>
  • SHENZHEN GET NEW AIRPORT Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport opens its new terminal on Nov 28 , with flights focusing on destinations in Southeast Asia MORE>>