Huawei have rich experience in design and production of prototypes, we can provide you with very high precision products with fast delivery at low price.
With a range of technologies at our disposal, we can produce any type of prototype needed.

1, CNC Machined Prototypes

CNC machined prototypes are available in a huge range of plastics, metals, and modeling boards. Many customers turn to CNC machined prototypes in order to have their prototype produced out of the real material rather than a simulant. we can help you decide if a CNC machined prototype is right for your project.
CNC Machining Highlights
•     Machine a wide variety of plastic and metal material options
•    Typical accuracy is +/- 0.005"
•    Ability to hold tight tolerances
2, SLA & SLS Rapid Prototypes
SLA & SLS prototypes are ideal for rapid, one-off prototypes. SLA prototyping is a process whereby a laser transforms a liquid photopolymer into a solid plastic prototype, layer by layer. SLS prototyping is a similar manufacturing process to SLA, but SLS uses a much higher powered laser to bond plastic powder together to form a 3D prototype.  Star Prototype specializes in delivering accurate SLA & SLS rapid prototypes.
make prototype 
3,Polyurethane vacuum casting
Polyurethane vacuum casting allows for an extended prototyping service through a multi-step process. It involves first making a prototype via SLA or SLS, then creating a silicone mold around the prototype to easily manufacture multiple identical polyurethane prototypes. Star Prototype may also make master patterns for vacuum casting by CNC machining.  This process is often preferable if the master pattern is bulky or thick.  CNC machining is also the chosen process if the vacuum castings must have an excellent gloss finish or are to be clear. For these castings, STAR Prototype will CNC the master pattern out of PMMA and hand polish to achieve the gloss.
Prototype painting and printing

We offers advanced detailing, painting, and printing of rapid prototypes. Our clean room facility is the only one of its kind in China, allowing us to produce painted and printed prototypes of the highest quality.