Product Design

We provide our clients with one-stop services ranging from product design, prototyping, industrial design, proof of concept, prototyping, mold fabrication, all the way to manufacturing products.

--Professional Product Design Team

Our company has a professional product design team and an industrial engineering team. We conduct extensive research before initiating the design of a product. It is our goal to meet the potential demands of the market, as well as to develop and produce cost-effective, Highly profitable products with added value for our clients. We have extensive knowledge in regard to the prototype making methods for various product design stages, including 3D printing, CNC prototype, vacuum casting, SLA, SLS, plastic prototype molding, rotational molding, and compression molding. Our company provides clients with the quickest, most economical, and most suitable product designs and prototyping processes at a reliable quality. With over 20 years’ experience in the OEM production field, we are aware of the potential problems that may arise when launching the mass production of an item and we take steps to avoid these issue during product design stage.

--One-stop service: from product design to manufacturing

Our prototype shop and mold shop is in house, We do not outsource this important part of the product design process, this insure that all the product design work flows with our company only, Your intellectual property is protected because it is never exposed to anyone outside of our company, The design drawing and technical document are highly protected. The product design work moves very fast too. Once the approved design drawings are confirmed by customer, it will go directly to our prototype shop or mold shop, in house, to make the solid prototype or the mold.

Our R&D team has over 20 years of experience in the production of high-quality products for export. We have a professional design team and well-equipped moulding and prototype processing shops. We are experts in the OEM Or ODM manufacturing,We offer a one-stop service from product design, prototype processing, mould making to assembling of finished products. Our product design, prototyping and manufacturing service includes the manufacturing of household appliances, electronic personal care products, digital products, plastic items for daily use, travel kits, toysgifts and some industrial parts.

---Intellectual Property Protection

Huawei Product Development Industrial Ltd has cooperated with world-famous enterprises in prototype designing. We sign an “intellectual Property and commercial secret Protection Agreement” with all our customers, The planning of product structure, product design, prototyping, 3D output and development document are all protected and kept highly confidential and protected throughout the design process. Used drawings are destroyed to stop any leakage that would damage your intellectual property.

Some of our custom design case studies

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